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Help us get a custom Therapeutic Driving Cart for our students!

EquiGrace, Inc. has been blessed with the gift of a wonderful Percheron mare, named Annie, AKA "the Unicorn". Not only can students large and small ride her, she is also trained to drive! Add to that the fact that Miss Cindi has experience driving professionally AND we already have a student lined up and waiting to drive, well it just makes sense that we add therapeutic driving to our list of services. But we need your help to get the last piece of the puzzle... a HC Accessible CARRIAGE!!

This would be a custom made carriage specifically designed for our needs, including a ramp for a wheelchair, and road package, allowing us to drive safely on the accessible roads nearby, making for a full driving experience. It is also large enough to allow us to include assistants needed to help along the way AND a family member or 2 for encouragement.

The total cost for this carriage is : $8650.00 plus freight shipping. Timeline: 8 to 12 weeks to build plus delivery time