Our Friends and Supporters

We would like to thank our friends, our families and our supporters! Without them we would not be able to accomplish some of the many great things we plan to do in our first few years. If you find yourself in need of any of their services or products, please feel free to contact them and let them know we sent you!
  1. Debbie McAnaugh
    I can't begin to list all the wonderful support we have received from Debbie, including the great location we have, and as a real estate agent, she is top notch! If you are looking for your dream home or a cute little vacation spot in the mountains, please give Debbie a call at 720-883-1319 or visit www.dynamicpropertiesco.com
  2. RC Mountain Ranch
    RC Mountain Ranch offers horse transport. Always prompt, professional and courteous, Ric goes the extra mile to make sure your horse is comfortable and safe. He even has Hawk's (who is a nervous traveler) stamp of approval. If you need horse transportation, we highly recommend you call RC Mountain Ranch at 720-369-6222
  3. Friends of Horses Rescue
    Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption (FOHRAA), is in Centennial and is dedicated to rescuing good horses and adopting them to good homes. This is where both Hawk and Annie came from and we are thrilled to have adopted them If you are looking to adopt, call 303-649-1155 or visit www.fohrescue.com
  4. Wynn's Mountain Services
    Not only do they offer all tree services including fire mitigation, and stump removal, but they also offer driveway work including grading, patching and seal coat and excavating. If you are in the market for a shipping container, Wynn has those too Call 720-261-0040 or visit www.wynnsmountainservices.com
  5. Climber Dennis Tree Services
    Dennis is an expert at safely removing hazardous and difficult trees. He also provides excellent fire mitigation services and tree and yard clean up. We highly recommend Dennis for all your tree service needs. Call him at 720-281-2562
  6. Sunanda Dressmaking
    If you are looking for alterations, design or repair, Sandee has been a professional seamstress for 35 years. No project is too large or too small. Sandee is great at getting you all set for weddings, proms, costumes, special size requirements and everything in between Call 303-838-9417 or visit her website at www.sunandadressmaking.com
  7. Espiritu Alpacas
    Our little mare Dixie Rose came from the most unlikely of places, an alpaca rescue, but that just speaks to the size of Pamela's heart at Espiritu Aplacas. She is sure no creature goes uncared for once it crosses her path. So if you like alpacas, be sure to visit them! Call (469) 242-6833 or visit the website at www.espiritu-alpacas.com
  8. LCI Signs
    LCI Signs is a local sign company specializing in custom, one-of-a-kind sign designs just for your home, office or business. Need an address sign or a great wedding gift for your friends? They can customize it to your specifications Give them a call at 303-838-2326 or visit them at www.lcisigns.com