Horse on Loan

What is a "Horse on Loan"?

Our Horse On Loan program is an alternative to donating your horse. Maybe you have a quiet, older horse that would make a perfect therapy horse, they have a wonderful personality and many years left of giving, but you don't want to give them up. Rather than donating your horse, you can "loan" your horse to us to use as a therapy horse and still retain full ownership.

We have a comprehensive agreement to place your horse on loan to us that outlines exactly how you would like your horse to be used to help our students with special needs. It includes an evaluation and training period, length of term on loan, emergency information, care instructions (because the older fellas usually have SOME special needs) and other important details that ensure your horse is well taken care of while at EquiGrace.

While here at EquiGrace, your horse will be taught the ins and outs of therapeutic riding using various natural horsemanship techniques and methods. They will also enjoy the company and affection of their students and volunteers as they will be integrated as "one of the herd".

If you have a horse that you would like to explore the possibilites of placing on loan to us, please let us know and we will be happy to talk with you and evaluate the best situation for everyone involved.

Does my horse have what it takes to be a therapy horse?
- Stands quietly and relaxed on a loose lead rope or cross ties while being groomed/tacked
- Leads quietly and relaxed on a loose lead rope
- Displays proper ground and riding manners
- Doesn't spook easily and is "sensible" with new things
- Doesn't kick, bite, fly back, rear, buck or exhibit any potentially dangerous behavior
- Rides comfortably and easily with a beginner at at walk and trot
- Does not have any major health issues or lamenesses (minor or manageable conditions will be considered for the special candidate)
- Does not have any medical conditions that may potentially be unsafe (narcolepsy, EPM, wobbles etc.)
- Gets along with other horses
- Comfortable and relaxed with a lot of activity going on around and on him
- Comfortable with children and their children-esk movements and sounds
- Enjoys the company of different people
- Between the ages of 12 and 22
- Between 13hh and 15.3hh